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Free Estimates and Flexible Scheduling

At AVCO, we don’t feel that you should have to pay us before we’ve done any actual work on your roof, which is one reason we offer free estimates. It may take us a little time to inspect your roof and help you explore your options. While we do our due diligence, you shouldn’t have to pay simply to be informed of what’s going on with your roof and what you can do about it.

Once you’ve decided what to do with your roof, your roofing contractor should also offer flexible scheduling. Just as we have a business to run, you have a life to live, with prior obligations. Some roofing issues need to be taken care of immediately, and you shouldn’t have to put off a vital repair simply because your schedule doesn’t match up with your contractor’s schedule.

Whatever the case, AVCO ROOFING is here to help.

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No Obligation, No Hassle, No Pressure

Your roofing contractor shouldn’t hassle you to go with a specific type of roofing material, shingle, or product. At AVCO ROOFING simply inform you of your options, let you know their advantages and disadvantages and let you make the final decision. You shouldn’t feel pressured or feel that your contractor is using scare tactics to put you into a corner.

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